The Curse of “Boyfriendinitis”

Adult Video News reported that a newcomer named Leena was so ecstatic about her heart-throb Peter North coming on her face that she left it on to show her boyfriend.

The boyfriend’s reaction was not reported, but he must have been more tolerant of his lady-love’s new career than the men described below.  These worthies are examples of that pornmaker’s headache called “boyfriendinitis.”

(Excerpts from SKINFLICKS are in italics.)

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Amy Rogers (with Tom Byron) in DIRTY PICTURES

I’d hired stunning, voluptuous Robin Cannes for Dirty Pictures, only to have her husband decide at the last moment that
he didn’t want his wife in pornos. (I replaced her with equally voluptuous Amy Rogers, whose boyfriend, porn actor Kevin James, was glad to see her getting work.)

At one of Joe Elliot’s casting sessions, I hired a stunning new woman with the porn name of Connie Lindstrom.  She was every man’s fantasy of a flaxen-haired Swedish goddess.  Then, before the shoot, her fiance gave her genital herpes.  Unlike most porn stars, Connie was ethical enough to refuse to pass it along to screen partners.  She limited herself to fellatio–frustrating the studs who wanted a go at her cunny.

Samantha Strong claimed she got into porn to spite her boyfriend; then she left the business to please her new one, a wealthy Israeli. He reportedly walked into South’s office with $250,000 in cash, wanting to buy up all her movies and take them off the market–he was told the task was impossible. Then Strong decided her new love had a drug problem, dropped him, and returned to porn.

Adult Video News quoted giddily sardonic Nikki Wilde’s assessment of her marriage: “I hate him! We’re still married…I hope he dies soon. You hear this, (name withheld)? I’m gonna get you, ’cause I’m a Scorpio and you fucked me over.”

AVN reported a divorce proceedings stemming from a “background” actress telling her spouse she was going to a church festival, when actually she was heading for the set of Oriental Treatment II.

One of my favorite screen ladies, whom I won’t name in the interest of preserving her domestic tranquility, married a wealthy man who demanded she leave the business–which she did. Yet, she snuck off to perform in one of Superior’s features. Maybe she was bored.

Kristara Barrington lamented, “When I come home to my boyfriend and we make love, I think of it as work almost.”

Musing over why industry love affairs were so short-term, Juliet Anderson said, “When you drive a bus ten hours a day, you don’t want to spend your vacation on a Greyhound.”

Pursuing porn’s promise of wealth, many actresses would echo Samantha Strong’s declaration upon signing a 15-picture contract with Western Visuals: “I do not have, nor do I want a personal life right now.” Alice Springs put it simply: “I don’t have a boyfriend, thank God.”

OK, so a private-life lover can sour a porn career.  What about when both partners work in porn?  Good? Bad? Disastrous?  All of the above?


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A Strange Case of Porn Stud Failure

Lots of things can cause that porn set malady, penis limpus: hot lights, cold girls, bad drugs, poor hygiene, off-color secretions. But the oddest culprit I ever saw was a jacket. It belonged to porn’s Burt Reynolds clone, Sasha Gabor.

Amy Rogers, Tom Byron, from Dirty Pictures (no photo of Sasha Gabor)

(Passages from SKINFLICKS are in italics.)  The Norwegian native arrived at the Dirty Pictures location in his black Trans Am with the “BANDIT” license plate, wearing his bright red “Bandit” jacket and a Stetson.  Waiting for his scene with Amy Rogers, he kept telling me he was raring to go.  When she began to undress him, his erection threatened to split his zipper.  Then his jacket sleeve got snagged on a shirt button.  In the time it took to free the garment, his erection disappeared.  The sponges holding back Amy’s period turned him off further.  We had to shoot the scene sim; Sasha’s penis stayed dormant. The only thing “stiff” was his attempt to maintain his Bandit bluster.  I was glad I had those Herschel Savage close-ups.

Seasoned pornographers prepared for stud failures by accumulating an “insert library” of explicit, hardcore, jousting-genital close-ups that could be cut into scenes that had to be shot “sim” (simulated—no genital penetration). To match different colored pubic hair, I had close-ups for blond man/blonde woman, blond man/brunette woman, brunet man/blonde woman, black man/blonde woman, etcetera, etcetera.  John Holmes said he was on a shoot where none of the men could perform. He provided the hardcore close-ups for nine scenes, creating a film with eight men who all appeared to have foot-long erections.

Sasha Gabor must have been able to perform adequately, since he appeared in about 120 pornos between 1984 and 2001. I just happened to get him on a “bad cock day.”  (I was sad to learn that he died of heart disease in 2008.)

Porn studdom can be a precarious profession.  That’s why the “reliables” kept getting hired again and again and again.  Female fans complain about seeing the same guys in picture after picture.  But the male fans—who comprise the bulk of the audience—don’t mind.  They just want to see new women.  To them, the familiar male faces are like old buddies.