Shooting Submission of Serena: A Real-life S and M Relationship

They arrived at midnight, wearing black. He had the craggy
grace of a Shakespearean actor, which he’d been. She had high,
delicate cheekbones and a strawberry sheen in her blond mane,
which made skin that rarely suffered sunlight seem even whiter.
They might have been a vampire (which he’d played in Dracula
Exotica ) and his mistress. Instead they were porno legends.

flyers and book cover 003That passage from SKINFLICKS introduces Jamie Gillis and Serena who would demonstrate their own genuine rough-sex skit in a scene that would be featured in Bound and shown in its entirety in Submission of Serena.


Examining the rectangular, leather-covered frame hanging from the ceiling above the stage, Jamie Gillis tested its strength to make sure it would support Serena, nude and spread-eagled, with her hands and feet tied to its corners. On the past Halloween, he’d tied her naked in a bay window of their Polk Street apartment, displayed to the crowd below. Even revelers as bizarre as San Francisco’s could only stare upward, open-mouthed.

Before their scene, which would become an S and M classic,
Serena sat at Gillis’ feet and answered Joe’s questions: Her giddy
struggles against her father’s bearhugs had led to her love of
bondage. She thought her kinkiest act had been having a
photographer follow her around New York City while she
guzzled beer and urinated in public places.

“What’s really kinky,” she said, “is when I haven’t had sex for a couple of days. Then I become a bitch…The whole concept of being feminine is being dominated and being a wild animal that goes into rut, and someone just pounces on you and fucks you.”

Following that philosophy, Gillis treated Serena like a dog.
In a skit the couple had concocted themselves, he made her beg,
lick his hands and feet, and crawl on hands and knees wearing a
collar and chain. If she was slow to obey his commands, he’d
strike her with his hand, a riding crop or a cat-o’-9-tails. It looked
brutal, with Serena’s yelps and the cat landing in her face, but she
said later, “Jamie’s never given me a bruise, ever.”

Her only real discomfort came when Gillis laid a cold chain
across her heated body, making her shriek.

Hitting her buttocks with the crop, Gillis taunted, “Say ’Please stop.’ Say ’Please stop.’”

She laughed. “I don’t want you to stop.”

“You’re not supposed to say that!” To punish her, he had her
spread her buttocks and take a sharp whap on the anus.

“It definitely wakes up my body,” Serena said. “All my nerves are at
attention. That pain just puts you somewhere.”

The couple’s genuine enthusiasm made the tape a hit. Gillis
stayed fully erect for all three hours of shooting…with Serena
begging for her “bone.” And sometimes getting it.

When the scene appeared over, I started to call for a wrap
when Joe whispered, “This is important! This is important!”

So I kept shooting. Gillis was lying on top of Serena. The weak
camera microphones barely picked up his words: “Gimme a
kiss…gimme a kiss…”

Serena pushed him off, laughing. “Say please…” (Audio “sweetening”–enhancement–later made the words audible in the finished tape.)

“For just a moment at the end there was role reversal,” said
Joe. In subsequent films, Serena played the dominant, putting
Gillis through a similar “ordeal.”

Despite hit or miss lighting and scramble-for-the-action
camerawork, Adam’s reviewer called Bound  “the hottest
specialty tape I’ve ever seen,” and in 1985, Adult Video News
listed it among the top 30 specialty tapes of all time.


The late Jamie Gillis went on to star in my videos Chocolate Cream and Running Wild.  His sexual versatility and acting skill made him a director’s dream.

In 1981, Serena Blaquelord came out of retirement for a feature role in my “erotic extravaganza” All the King’s Ladies.  She had left the business after an over-zealous director exploited her compliant masochism in a scene that almost killed her (grisly details in SKINFLICKS).

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